Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net Hairspray 150ml


OSIS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net – A new generation of hairspray

OSiS+ SL Memory Net is a super concentrated hairspray delivering a totally new type of hold: Instantly dry yet fully workable, weightless yet able to deliver substantial hold.
The new spraying system disperses the highly-concentrated formula as instantly drying microscopic droplets that form an extremely fine and flexible but strong net on the hair. For malleable yet durable fixation and an ultra-long lasting memory effect.
  • Super Dry: Our driest*1 hairspray ever.
  • *1 dries up to 40% quicker than OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Fix.
  • Super concentrated: Polymer concentration is approx. twice as high as in conventional hairsprays.
  • Super memory effect: Can be brushed through and still stays in shape.
  • Super efficient: With its concentrated formula the 150ml can lasts nearly as long as a standard 300ml can*2.
  • *2 the 150ml can of Memory Net goes approx. 85% as long as a regular 300ml Session Label can.
  • The iconic Session Label heroes! Developed with forwardthinking Session Stylists, this hairspray is equipped with memory styling benefits. Balanced hold control meets brushable manageability. Ideal for High-Fashion hair styles.